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September 2020 – Strange Days Indeed

So, what a bizarre and tragic six months it’s been since our last entry here. Hope everyone’s hanging in there and staying safe! Let’s all continue to follow the protocols and approach this thing sensibly — we might just get through this godawful mess in one piece.

In any event, in an effort to get some more eyeballs on our work (and hopefully a few more sales), we’ve gone ahead and opened up two more print on demand shops:

  • Our New SpreadShirt shop: Again, here’s another site where one can purchase our drawings, illustrations & designs printed a wide variety of merchandise including t-shirts, stickers, device cases etc.
  • Our New Zazzle shop: Really like the way Zazzle is set up, in that buyers have the ability to customize their purchases & transfer designs to other products.

As of this writing, sales generated from these two new shops have been pretty meager. Still pretty early in the game, though — hoping things will pick up soon!

February 2020 – Excuses, Excuses and More Excuses

Yes, it has been a good 8 months since we last posted here, all we can say in our defense is "Sorry, been kinda busy." So what, you ask have we been up to all this time? Well, basically, we came to the conclusion that it was time to start looking at ways to earn some extra bread. In other words, we decided to explore a few possible ‘side-hustles’ that would help us achieve that goal. Anyways, here’s where we’re at so far:

  • dave’s redbubble shop: Here’s where you can purchase some of our drawings, illustrations & designs printed a wide variety of merchandise including t-shirts, stickers, device cases etc. etc.
  • dave’s teePublic shop: Same as the above, only in a different location. Pricing of some items may differ between stores, just thought we’d give potential buyers the option of shopping around.
  • dave’s fiverr gigs: Freelance site where you can place orders for a variety of different services. Currently, our focus here is in the area of illustration & graphic design, but all custom orders will be considered.

To date, the revenue generated from these has been modest (to say the least), but we remain cautiously optimistic.

May 2019 – The Utterly Pointless WordPress Plugin Hack

In your WordPress plugins directory, you’ll find the file ‘hello.php’. Open it in your text editor and replace the ‘Hello Dolly’ lyrics with those from your favorite SEX PISTOLS song. Next, open your WordPress plugins page and activate the ‘Hello Dolly’ plugin. Now, every time you log in to your WordPress dashboard you can re-experience the FILTH and the FURY of an entire generation, summed up in two words: NO FUTURE!!!

April 2019 – The Long-Overdue Theme Upgrade

After much humming & hawing, hand-wringing & hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth, the decision was finally made to discard that ratty old Twenty-Twelve child-theme. After years of tweaks, hacks and ill-advised modifications, it had become so completely jerry-rigged and unmanageable that it was basically unsafe at any speed.

Fun while it lasted, but time to try something new. Ended up downloading and installing the free KERATIN theme from WordPress and then proceeded to modify, hack and jerry-rig the hell out of it with yet another ill-advised child-theme. Old habits die hard.

January 2019 – Illustration Portfolio

Yes, when we’re not coding or mucking around with WordPress or whatever, we like to draw stuff. The idea of putting together an online portfolio has been rattling around in our heads for quite some time (several years, in fact), so it was decided that it would be one of the first projects we’d tackle this year.

In any event, you’re welcome to have a look. Please feel free to let us know what you think. In addition to that, we’ve also got a portfolio up-and-running on Instagram if you’re into that scene — yes, we follow back!.

Worth Checking Out

Despite what you may think, this site is not just about blatant & egotistical self-promotion — Every once in a while, we feel compelled to acknowledge the great work of brilliant & talented folks who’ve shared their expertise online, thus allowing schmucks like us to learn how to do some pretty cool stuff…

  • – Got the render-blocking, slow-loading web page blues because of a big ‘ol CSS file? Shrink it down to a more manageable size with this helpful online tool. Great for bumping up your pageSpeed score by a couple of points.
  • – Basically the polar opposite of the previous entry: a free online tool to unminify (unpack, deobfuscate) JavaScript, CSS and HTML code, making it readable and pretty.
  • – Google Index – Just about everything you ever wanted to know about how to get your page into the Google index, plus much more. In fact, so much info here you’ll probably have to set aside a day or two to absorb it all!
  • Google SERP Simulator – – How’s your page snippet going to look once it’s been indexed by Google? Use this handy online tool to preview your snippet before-hand.
  • – WordPress Tutorials: The "How to register a new navigation menu in WordPress" article was especially helpful to us after spending numerous hours trying to figure out how to add a nav menu item in our functions.php file.

This is an on-going and ever-expanding list — We’ll be adding more to this section in the days and weeks ahead, so we urge you to check back again often!