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Sketchie Illustrated is a part of the Warp 7 Web Creative Network. We specialize in providing professional quality Web design & development, video production and graphic design services. For more info, please visit our website at:

First launched in 2011 as the ‘Warp 7 Web Tech Blog’, the original idea behind this WordPress site was to provide our readers with accessible & reliable technical information aimed at helping them to build and maintain their websites with a minimum amount of confusion and difficulty.

Although this continues to be an ongoing area of interest for us, we wanted to try and expand our focus a little in order to provide a better picture of what we do now and how our interests have evolved over the past several years — specifically, our primary focus is now on the creation and implementation of images, graphics and animation.

The COLOR MY INKS Coloring Book

Color My Inks Coloring Book Color My Inks Coloring Book Color My Inks Coloring Book Color My Inks Coloring Book Color My Inks Coloring Book

Anyways, we hope you find the information presented here somewhat useful, and that you approve of the new look and direction. As always, your feedback is welcome — please feel free comment on any of our posts or contact us!

About the Author

ANGRY RAY — Freelance Web Designer & Developer, Illustrator & Graphic Designer. Certification: B.C.I.T. Web Technologies (2007); Art Instruction Schools, Minneapolis Minnesota (1981).

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