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The RSG Galleries are Back!

If, by chance, you’re one of the lucky few individuals who frequented this site perhaps five or six years ago, you may recall that at one time, there were a number of image galleries here: Old comics, old Vancouver Canucks stuff, old CKLG-AM top 30 surveys, that kinda thing.

When we re-did this blog a while back, we came to the conclusion that those galleries weren’t really doing it for us anymore — the decision was made to scrap ’em. The original scanned files remained in storage, gathering dust in a long-forgotten folder on our hard-drive for quite some time.


Recently, upon re-discovering the old files, we had ourselves one of those ‘Why the Hell Not?’ moments and pinned a couple of them to Pinterest.

Much to our surprise, they actually generated some response, as in a modest but fairly respectable number of views & re-pins. Go figure.

So, that lead us to yet another one of those ‘Why the Hell Not?’ moments — Long story short, after an absence of a couple of years, the RSG/Junk Drawer Galleries are, indeed, back in business!

We’ve actually got a fairly substantial collection of vintage-type items that may (or may not) appeal to a certain segment of nostalgia-seeking internet users — we should be able to keep the damn thing updated with new old stuff for the foreseeable future.

Image: General Tire Print Ad, 1944. Check out the RSG Galleries for more vintage/retro stuff!