Sketchie TeePublic Top 10

Sketchie’s TeePublic Top 10

In all honesty, TeePublic has been kinda weird and sporadic for us.

Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely LOVE the site — over the course of the past several months we’ve actually managed to rack up some modest but fairly respectable sales numbers.

Looking at it from a Google Analytics perspective, however, things appear pretty bleak: TRAFFIC sucks, BOUNCE RATE sucks and it would seem that the vast majority of visitors frequenting the shop are of the BOT variety (AVERAGE SESSION DURATION: 0:00??? WTF???).

If that weren’t enough, there are times where we’ll go three, four, maybe even five weeks with no sales whatsoever — NOTHING. NADA. ZILTCH. On occasion, serious consideration has been given to pulling the plug on the endeavor entirely.

Then, all of a sudden, as if by magic — BOOM — five or six purchases in the span of a couple of days. This has happened to us on several different occasions since the shop was opened in January 2020. Go figure.

Maybe it’s just a case of us not doing it right. Perhaps greater effort needs to be put into social media promotion — join a few Facebook groups and maybe try to adopt a more consistent pinning schedule on Pinterest.

Then again, times being what they are, it can also be argued that people just ain’t buying as much these days — economic uncertainty has a way of tightening the purse strings.

Be that as it may, we’ll continue uploading new stuff to our shop, and hopefully performance will improve after this stinkin’ pandemic thing is over and done with!

SO — let’s get to it, shall we? Here’s the top-ten list of our best-selling items on TeePublic so far — check ’em out if you are so inclined!

#10: Official Bikini Inspector

Bikini Inspector

My Dream Job: "Official Bikini Inspector " Tee-Shirt Design

#9: A Reasonable Amount of Trouble


Bogart: "A Reasonable Amount of Trouble " Tee-Shirt Design

#8: The Eyes of the World


Stephen Biko: "The Eyes of the World " Tee-Shirt Design

#7: An Offer You Can’t Refuse


Brando: "An Offer You Can’t Refuse " Tee-Shirt Design

#6: The Other Half I Wasted

W.C. Fields

W.C. Fields: "The Other Half I Wasted " Tee-Shirt Design



RODCHENKO!: Aleksander Rodchenko inspired Sticker Design

#4: The Mighty Kong

The Mighty Kong

"The Mighty Kong" Tee-Shirt Design

#3: Vincent Price Evil Eye

Vincent Price Evil Eye

"Vincent Price Evil Eye" Sticker Design

#2: Garbo: I Want To Be Alone

Garbo: I Want To Be Alone

Garbo: "I Want To Be Alone" Coffee Mug Design

#1: Big Dish of Beef Chow Mein

Big Dish of Beef Chow Mein

And, just as with Redbubble, our best selling item on TeePublic, the "Big Dish of Beef Chow Mein" Tee-Shirt Design

Funny, but our other ‘movie monster’ themed designs aren’t selling at all. Maybe people just have a thing for werewolves. Or Warren Zevon?