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Color My Inks
Color My Inks Coloring Book

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Color My Inks - A Coloring Book for Adults by D. A. Rei

This coloring book is a collection of my original pen and ink drawings and portraits, presented here for your coloring pleasure. In order to maintain some semblance of clarity and organization, this book has been divided into two distinct parts:

Firstly, The Vintage Portraits section contains an assortment of recent drawings, all based on photo reference. They are mostly from late 19th & early 20th century photographs. For whatever reason, I'm truly fascinated by images from that era and with these drawings I tried to capture the antique elegance portrayed in the original photos.

Secondly, The Random and Miscellaneous Stuff section. Hmm... O.K. maybe a little less elegant, kind of low-brow and goofy, but hopefully, at the very least, you'll find them kind of quirky and fun. Yeah - quirky and fun - we'll go with that.

In conclusion, the Color My Inks Coloring Book is available now on Amazon. We hope you enjoy the drawings presented here, and that you have as much fun coloring them as I did drawing them!

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